Testimonies, pictures and updates
  from some of the owners
of our Louisiana Catahoula Pups.

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  Thank you to all those who have contributed to this compilation of
Our "Carma Catahoula's" born here at the Catahoula Ranch.


Carma's Dreygan

Just wanted to send you some pictures of our little man!
It is beyond belief, what a wonderful dog he is we could not have asked for a better puppy ❤
He is extremely smart! Unlike any other dog Ive ever had before. (Ill type up a list of things he already knows at the end of this email hes like a sponge and catches things very quick) (did you guys potty train him or was this all him? From the moment he came home we never had a problem with him even through the night, its fantastic! Our friends tease us saying we are not living through puppyhood because of how well mannered and quiet he is and that its not fair lol)

Attached are some pictures of him with the farm animals. Hes doing great with them doesnt chase them or anything took some time to get use to them but he did it and im so proud of him. Hes still a little cautious about the horses but we are slowly getting him use to the three that live close to the house the other 7 he will meet later on) He also met many other dogs and loves playing with them (2 other dogs live on the property with 3 other dogs that visit often)
Also you will find a picture of him learning to climb/walk on fallen down trees out in the woods on the back of the property. Hes very good at it we are only a few feet off the ground in case he falls, I dont want him to hurt himself but hes being really good at learning about his balance and how to maneuver on the mossy trunks only once did he slip (less than a foot from the ground) but that was on his first try .

Again I would just like to thank-you both very much for making it possible that we have this little angel as our baby!!! He has made my husband and I extremely happy!

(Hes also very popular at the Saturday market (where I go to sell my artwork pyrography) everyone who walks by must come to say hi, and take pics and of course ask what kind of dog he is lol

List or tricks and obedience that Dreygan knows at 11 wks old mostly with treats but getting better at doing them without treats all the time  (not in any order)

Stay (longest yet was 2mins)
Lay down
Hugs (jumps on chest and shoulders)
Up (jump upward)
Stand from a sit position
Sit and Wait for food (no crying)
High five
Roll over (still working on it)
Speak (bark) on command
Growl on command
Touch things with his paw when asked
Guess which hand the treat is in and use paw to indicate
Fully Potty Trained (right from the beginning when we got him - did not train)
Sleeps through the night (first night we got him)
Walks on leash without pulling (stays by side again right form the start)
Looks in eyes when name called
Stops, sits and looks in eyes when I stop walking
Drop it
Let's go (walk)
Search (looks for treats on the ground)
Learning Fetch (doesnt always bring things back)
Leave it (dont touch or chase)
Watch (watching instead of chasing the animals)
While we are working, he comes with us, lays on his blanket and sleeps or chews his bone, gets up to use the bathroom, come say hi then lay back down again





      Hey Guys
Just wanted to say hi and send you some pictures of our handsome boy Dreygan!!! We are so pleased with him. His coloring is exactly what we wanted as well as his temperament. He's so easy going but has the energy when needed. Hes 16 mths old, 24 inches to the withers, weighs 85 lbs and is the most intelligent dog we've ever seen. He house trained himself from the first night we got him (only 2mth old). He loves living here on the farm and helps me with all the animals. Hes a great guard dog and is always on the look out and listening for danger and lets us know when something is not right with one of the animals.
We constantly get stopped by people to find out what breed he is as he is so striking and obedient especially for his age.
We can not thank you guys enough for our dream puppy.
You both do a great job breeding, creating the most adorable and perfect dogs. ❤
We will be coming back to you guys when we are looking for a future puppy.


Carma's Ada

 We are so proud of Carma's Ada. Good day how's going over in B.C.?
Just wanna let you know that Ada won the 4 WCA trial in Germany with blood tracking, we are so proud of her.

Carma's Cajun

Cajun just wanted to say hi and let you know she is doing fantastic! She is just 1 year and 7 months and has grown into a stunning girl. She is 60 pounds and just started Agility. She loves to swim, play at the park and go on hiking and camping trips. We wanted to share some of her stunning pictures just to show how amazing you guys are.


  Carma's Kiowa

We just wanted to touch base with you and give you an update on one of your pups, now that she is about to turn 1 year old next week. Kiowa absolutely loves Alaska. The vast open space for her to run and all the forests and mountains to hike in, provides her with the ultimate doggy adventures everyday. Now that Kiowa is one, she is weighing in at 52 lbs and stands at 24 inches tall. She has grown in to a beautifully tall and slender girl. She absolutely loves the snow here in Alaska. Every time she sees the flurries falling from the sky, she will sit at our sliding glass door to the back yard and will whine with excitement at wanting to go outside. Every time she goes out in the snow she runs around like crazy, rolling in it, and hoping through the deep snow like a bunny rabbit. It is an amusing sight to see her so happy.
She also loves to chase and terrorize the ducks around the pond behind our house. She will sit in the tall flowers and stalk the poor ducks and then go charging full speed into the water. She will spend hours out there swimming with the ducks. Much to her dismay, however, she has been unsuccessful in catching any of them. Along with chasing the ducks, Kiowa loves to wrestle with her brother Wilco. Although Wilco is almost 100 lbs compared to her mere 52 lbs, she is usually the one who comes out victorious. They love to wrestle and chase each other in the snow for hours and then come in to nap and snuggle afterwards.
Everyone here loves Kiowa. She has the absolute sweetest temperament. She loves every person and every dog she comes into contact with. She runs right up with a wagging tail greeting everyone with lots of licks to the face. She is notorious for her kisses. She also has an outstanding amount of patience. Our friends adopted a 5 week old puppy and Kiowa took to caring for their pup as if it were her own. She would bring him food and toys and protect him from bigger dogs at the park, and loves to constantly play with him. They have become best friends. I was surprised how easily she took to being a mother-like figure.
We would like to thank you again for allowing Kiowa to become part of our family. I have never seen two dogs that are so happy and get along so well. They are two peas in a pod. Kiowa has brought us so much joy in the past year and we are so looking forward to many more to come. Below are some pictures of Kiowa as a 1 year old!
We just wanted to say "hello" and let you know how Kiowa is doing in Alaska. This coming week she will be 5 months old! Can't believe how fast the time has gone by. She is growing like a weed too. At almost 5 months old, she now weighs 40 lbs and stands 19.5 inches (1 foot, 7.5 inches) tall. She absolutely loves going for hikes. She is quite the climber, she scales rocks and hard trails like a pro. Some of her favorite activities include her twice daily, 2 mile walks at the off leash dog park where she gets to play with other dogs and puppies of all shapes, sizes and ages and chasing ducks at the lake by our house.
She also enjoys playing with her brother and sun bathing in our big back yard. She has become quite the little adventurer, but she is also quite a cuddly and loving girl as well. She runs up to just about anybody to get a pat on the head and sits for treats. We have been working with her training quite a bit. She is now completely on and off leash trained and knows her sit, down, come, stay and place. Once she gets a little bit older and is full grown, we plan to teach her how to Skijor. Skijoring is a popular sport up here where they take cross country skiing and mix it with dog mushing. So, a dog, or team of dogs pulls a skier through racing trails. It is a lot of fun and a good workout for both owner and dog! I think she will take to it well. We have also sent in her registration to NALC!

Hope all is well with you and I hope you enjoyed these photos. Weston and I still can not thank you enough for making Kiowa part of our family. She is so wonderful and brings us so much joy!
Best Wishes,
Danielle, Weston, Wilco & Kiowa

Here is Kiowa exploring Thunderbird Falls. She loves the water.

Here we are at the top of Flat Top Mountain.

Another view from Flat Top Mountain. It is said if you complete this hike you are a TRUE Alaskan.

 So Kiowa is now a


This is the Park by our house that we walk to EVERY DAY. Kiowa loves swimming and chasing the ducks and other dogs into the lake.

Kiowa ran a 5 mile race with us! She did great! We were too slow for her.

Here is Kiowa napping with Weston and her brother after the race!

Kiowa camping with us at Denali National Park.

Kiowa hiked Bryon Glacier with us.

I hope this e-mail finds you all well! We just wanted to touch base with you and give you an update on how Kiowa is doing. Kiowa is now 2 years old and she has matured into a beautiful dog. As you may notice by the pictures, her coloring has darkened a little bit, but she still has her beautiful spots and coloring. Kiowa is doing great here in Alaska, she is as happy and as healthy as can be. This may be our last winter here in good old Anchorage, Alaska. Come May, I will be finished with my Graduate Studies and will commission as an Officer in the US Army. Weston's time here in Alaska is also coming to a close, we are expecting that the Army will be moving us back to the lower 48 or possibly Europe within the next year. We can not believe how fast time has flown by. It is hard to believe that it was 2 years ago that we were driving through the country and arrived at your home on our way here. I hope the last year has been as good to you and your family as it was to ours. Here are some pictures of Kiowa over the last year!

Best Wishes,
Danielle, Weston, Wilco & Kiowa


Kiowa's 2nd Birthday! She got a special treat to celebrate!


Wilco & Kiowa on a 20 mile snow shoe hike!
Cooling off in the lake after a 10 mile hike!

Playing at a park with other doggy friends!

  Our Family!

Thank you, and best wishes to
Danielle, Weston, and Wilco & Kiowa


Carma's Cedar

 She's still the demanding princess out of the bunch and can't live without her snuggles lol!

She is a lot like her Mom "Chili" , she has been one of the best things that have come into my life.

just such a character and companion. : )

   A Cowboy, and a Cowdog. , who is a princess. : )



  Click here to see a video of Cedar in action on facebook.

Carma's Stoli

Figured it was about time we sent an update on our pup - we named him Stoli

He's such a smart pup; we barely had to teach house train him, we showed him where to go the first day we brought him home and he's always gone there (we have a space sectioned off where he goes to do his business so it's not all over the yard). He even learned to open the gate at the bottom of our stairs on like the second day we had him (it's spring loaded so dogs can easily push it open to get into the yard from our deck stairs - prevents the chickens from coming up onto the deck).

He's been great with all the dogs he's met, wonderful off leash, and so beautiful!






Carma's Cosmos Factory

Cosmos is enjoying the snow - running around the backyard like a wild Catahoula. Due to the ice, walks are in limited supply as I have no desire to slip and break a hip. It would probably be safe to take him to the off-leash park now. We were avoiding it as the last time, he found a wonderful dead fish to roll in - we drove home with the windows open. What a stench!

Cosmos continues to amaze his vet as to the wonderful shape he is in. They are amazed that he is now 9 years old, saying that he looks like a 5 year old. That makes me happy as I want him around for as long as possible. He did have a bit of surgery this year - it was time to have his teeth cleaned so the vet also removed 3 fatty lumps. One was in his armpit (legpit?) and it was recommended that it be removed in case it grew and affected his mobility. As I am familiar with fatty lump removal on Dobermans, I know it is easier if they are removed while small.

His younger brother, Guido, was here for 6 weeks in the summer. Guido is doing well and is the only dog Cosmos will play with. It's fun to watch the two of them wrestle and play fight. They get to see each other quite frequently and we are looking forward to hosting Guido for 4 weeks starting in February. It's fun to have two Catahoulas around and they certainly garner lots of attention when they go walking together.

Cosmos is such a gentle boy - he puts up with Bella's 'big dog' attitude. She sure has a lot of attitude packed into that Min Pin body. She grumps and growls at him if he disturbs her beauty sleep but he just looks as her as if to say "Are you kidding me???".





                         Cosmos and Friends




 Carma's Otis
  Hey Teresa...
 Thought I'd send a little update...We call him Otis...(Otis the Ohfus lol) and we cant thank you enough , he fits our family perfectly!!
He is everyone's reminder of Dozer although not near as mischievous??
Otis spends his days playing with Lucy (the neighbours dog who thinks our house is her home from 8 am to 6ish )So he's learning her good manners which is great.. he is also slowly making friends with the 2 kittens we decided to keep.. although he doesn't realize his size at times and tends to squish them....
Otis very much like Dozer finds his most enjoyment of the day when the kids come home from school. He always greets them extremely excited ...they definitely are his kids now..which is what we wanted so that's great to see!
We had a bear last week in our yard going thru our garden ....and as I kept Otis on his training leash he definitely showed he will be good at his job in protecting our property... he let the bear know he was there with a mighty bark and growl...(one I've never heard out of him) and as we entered back inside.. Otis was not satisfied and relentlessly growled and barked at the door. Full perimeter check when we went out later...boy he's got a great nose already!
Otis is learning crate training as a pup something I didn't do with Heater or Dozer and it's actually going quite well... he likes his little house and bed (Only problem is the kittens do too lol)
Hunting is next for Otis, and puppy training classes...for obedience and scent tracking...(which I'm excited for)
He's a chewer so lots of toys is a must with this one...squeak squeak all day long...and he's a master at snuggles. .a sure pleasure to have in our home.
That's our update...thanks again for such a great pup?
Take care,



Carma's Jesse

  Here is Jesse. One year old today.
 A wonderful dog. Wonderful temperament - has never snapped or growled at family members. He is wonderful with his 18lb Shih tzu Toby and loves his Australian shepherd buddy Roscoe. The three of them are a handful.

 Jesse loves to swim and track and is an under-the-covers bedtime cuddler. He weighed in today at 83lbs. Doug says he is big like his father. We are so lucky to have him.



 Carma's Louie

   Just thought we would send you a few pictures of Louie he is doing very well. will be turning two here soon.            


Carma's Dozer


 Hey guys!  Dozer's 1st birthday is today and we wanted to share
 with you guys how much he's grown!
 He's made quite the impact on all of our lives and we
 would like to thank you guys again for our amazing boy!
(Starbuck n Krystal pup)







Carma's Beau

Hi Teresa,
We have had a lot of snow this year; more than normal and a lot colder than
normal. Beau is in his element it seems. We went out to our cabin last
weekend and he had no problem running along side the skidoo's. He loves it
out there! He even managed to kill himself a spruce grouse! There was no
getting that prize from him! Did the picture turn out okay? I took it with
my phone and sometimes its not the best.I would love to have his picture on
your web site.
Happy Birthday Beauregard!
1 year old today and more beautiful than ever! We love this dog!
Thank you, Teresa and Don for this new addition to our life. He is a
fantastic little "General"!
Amber and Jim

Carma's Cookie

Hi Teresa!
Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Cookie! She is a wonderful, well mannered, smart and calm puppy. She is the calmest puppy I have ever had! She loves the snow that we have been getting (although she doesn't leave home without her jacket.) The only thing that she does not like is going for a car ride by herself. If she is in the vehicle with my other dogs, she is fine. But if she is by herself, she vomits, shakes and drools excessively. It's so sad seeing how upset she gets, and I'm hoping she'll get over it soon. The only thing that I can think of as to why she gets so upset is that the first time she was alone in a vehicle was likely her airport trip. I have attached a few pictures if her for you. Her and Barger are inseparable, they love each other so much!
I was also wondering when your next planned breedings will be as I am interested in another female pup.
Thanks again!


Carma's Trigger

Trigger is doing really well. He learns Soo fast, I got him to sit, shake a
paw, high 5, and lay down. Doesn't seem to enjoy the initial walk when we go
to a park, but once were there he loves it. He stays close and is very good
on and off leash. We were thinking hopefully of getting him a buddy later on
down the road. Definately another Catahoula. I will send more pics at a
later date. Thank you and have a great day. Jeremy.

Carma's Mardi

Hi there Theresa,
Thanks for touching base! Mardi is doing really well-bit of a "wild man" but
aren't all 7month old boys?? He is full of beans and gets lots of exercise
and socialization-quite popular in the neighbourhood. He is finally big
enough for Kona to play hard with-he gets the upper hand most of the time as
he is relentless....my hairdresser did end up getting a pup. Thanks for
remembering. Do you have any pics of Mardi's siblings? Do any of them live
near us? We would love to see one/any of the??
Have a nice day, hope you and your family are well.

Carma's Barbosa

This is puppy three from litter born 3 November 2011. We named him Barbosa, after the pirate. He is a wonderful addition to the family and is learning lots. He is a great dog.

Thank you,


Carma's Toby 

  Hi Teresa it's Jessica, I just thought you would like to see some updated pictures of Toby.
he is the greatest and smartest dog, Denis is so impressed with him but so am I. he is my 
little baby loves to give me kisses and always comes up on my lap for cuddles and then he falls asleep. 
he's going to get too big for that soon. he follows me and Denis around on walks without his leash.
we are teaching him the basics right now and he's picking up on those so well. he sits, speaks, lays down, he comes for me not Denis yet. he has a favorite blanket with puppies on it, and sleeps with us at night.
we took him to the vets on Thursday and everybody thought he was so cute. he loves to play with our cats, especially Zippy, she's his buddy. my dad just adores Toby and just this morning Toby was still sleeping and my dad asked where he was. what a softy. anyways here's some pictures and we will send some more soon. 
  Jessica, Denis and Toby

 Hey Teresa , we were just browsing your new pictures and all the testimonials and realized that all your pictures of Toby are when he was so little so we thought we would send an update. He is an amazing dog and never fails to shock me with his intelligence and loyalty. Jess is now almost 7 months pregnant with our little girl Aeryn and Toby has become her body guard as well as becoming increasingly interested in our friends newborn as well as the picture shows. 
Always gentle unless him and I are wrestling in the yard, then he can show the working blood in his veins. He cant get enough of playing keep away with everything from a twig to a basketball, he just loves to outsmart and outrun anyone willing to chase him. Thanks so much for producing such terrific dogs, I know I will someday be getting him a playmate and nothing but another Catahoula would ever do! 
Hope we can make the trip back out to the ranch soon, 

Sincereley Denis and Jessica.

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Carma's Kayla

Hello Teresa

I want to thank you very much for your dog #6,we have named her Kayla Cheyenne, we want to thank you very much for her and for raising such a beautiful little girl. She is settling in well and peeing and pooing to Eric's surprise when she does on command. She is a very smart dog and very gifted to have such a wonderful girl. We are both very pleased with this little addition to our family and we would both like to thank you very much for our little bundle of joy. We have both forgotten how much they are like a child but she has adjusted very well. Like any parent we are spending too much time and money on little toys, etc, it is all worth it. We will keep you updated on her .
Thank you again - she has given us much love and affection.

Love always

Maureen. Eric and Kayla 

  Img_0301.jpg (170191 bytes)

Hey Teresa 

That we would give you an update on Kayla. What a wonderful dog. We are now in Dog Obedience School and she is doing well.
She goes everywhere with us - Whistler, Victoria and we went down to the Oregon Coast (great traveling dog). We are so greatfull for her and her breed, she gets attention where ever we go. Here is an update picture of her-she looks alot like her mom. Hope all is well with you guys and would love to come and visit one day.

Eric and Maureen



Picture_094.jpg (305709 bytes)

Carma's Berkely

Have have you been this summer? We have had our hands full with Berkely in our life lol. She has kept us on our toes but with no regrets. We have fallen completely in love with her in the last six months. She has grown so much and is very healthy. Lots of energy and full of sweetness. Her favorite things to do are running, playing keep away, barking at whoever she thinks she is protecting us from, cuddling on the couch and getting into trouble lol. I just want to say thank you for her. She has given us many laughs and sweet moments. I sent you a bunch of pics to show you how beautiful she has become. Hope all is going well with you and your family. Take care.

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Carma's Sky Blue 


Just thought I'd send a couple pics of Sky at 8 mths - he's just discovered how much he loves to go riding in the hills and forest with us - he's a great riding dog - going out front and clearing the path of bears and wildlife, yet sticking close by and keeping an eye on us.

Sandra :)
010.JPG (162209 bytes)  003.jpg (209529 bytes)  005.jpg (151328 bytes)  

Carma's Lola Blue

 First let me say, "Congratulations" on Ginny's September litter! It is hard to believe that 2 months has already gone by since we picked up Cadillac's little #1, now known as "Lola Blue". She is quite the comedian, if you can say that about a dog. Lola flings her toys in the air only to pounce on them when they land. She sleeps with her tongue sticking out most days and snores very loudly as a result. She is very smart and learned to sit and "high five" the very first day we brought her home. However, she does have one fault, her obsession for paper products like paper towel or toilet paper but we are working on that. Lola is the "talk" of the neighbourhood and many people are fascinated not only by her unique look but also her personality and intelligence. Thank you very much for breeding such perfect family dogs!

Much love,
Chrissy, Sean, Jada and Dylan
IMG_2459 - resized.JPG (87367 bytes)    IMG_2677 - resize.JPG (101958 bytes)
IMG_2764 - resize.JPG (79748 bytes)     IMG_2778 - Copy.JPG (75300 bytes)

Carma's Ayah

Dear Teresa.

We wanted to introduce ourselves and send you an update on one of your puppies from the Feb 5th, 2010 Litter. We adopted her from her previous owner when she was 11 weeks old. We named her Ayya and she is doing very good!! We both have fallen in love with her and wouldn't give her up for anything!! I am constantly amazed at how loyal, intellegent, and kind this breed is. We have taken her camping a few times now and she has become a very strong swimmer. She is also very good with all people, children, and other animals. Ive attached some pictures of her from when we got her until the most recent one (in the red bandana) at about 5 1/2 months. We're looking forward to meeting you one day as we will definately be getting her a playmate down the road. 

Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs, 

Caelin and Kyle 
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Carma's Lucia

 Hi Teresa!!!!
Just sending you some recent pix of Luci. They were taken on July 6/10, so they're fresh!! 
She is doing great!! She has the sweetest soul!! She loves kids and I am very impressed with her behavior!! I wouldn't trade her for ANYTHING!!!! Thanx again for breeding such wonderful natured dogs!!
And...Congrats on the puppies!! I saw them the other day and it made me want another!!
I hope you are enjoying this nice weather and I hope you are all well!!! 
Give ALL your dogs a big SKAWISH for me!!  Tanis.

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Carma's Shilo

    Hi Teresa
  We just want to give you a heads up on the condition of our Catahoula named "Shilo".
I am sure you remember Cindy and myself picking her up at your scenic ranch.
I believe we also told you that the trip home must have been very traumatic for her as she pooped and puked the whole way.
Well that was then, today she is a happy contend friendly play full dog, and she only throws up once in a while now.
She will be celebrating her 2nd.birthday July 30th, I can hardly believe how the time has flown.

 We can honestly say that this breed has to be the most intelligent of the canine species, and very gentle too.
We get a kick out of watching her as she lies on the couch (bad habit we got her into) on her back with her legs up in the air.
Riding in the car or our motor home is no longer a problem, as long as she can see the road ahead.
She has that deep bark but that is all it is certainly no bite from this dog just the way we like it, and every body loves her. 
I am pretty well retired now so Shilo and I spend a lot of time together, going for daily walks/runs and car rides all the things she loves.

 Anyway we are hoping to make a trip out your way before the summer ends if that is all right with you folks.
Again thanks for this beautiful creature and take care out on the ranch.
I will attach a couple of her pictures with this message. 

Peter and Cindy

Dear Teresa 
As I was sitting here on my sun deck enjoying a cool one I couldn't help keeping my eyes off of our catahoula.
This creature has to be the most intelligent and loving of all of the canine breeds.
I can't thank you guys enough for being responsible for making her part of our family.
This dog is unique for it has a beautiful disposition,there isn't a mean streak in her and yet very protective.
By protective I mean she growls when she sees someone unrecognizable,and runs to us to let us know.

She is very good with our grand kids,and for that matter any kids that she comes in contact with.
We had a bit of a problem with her up and until a year ago with regards to traveling in our vehicles (vomiting).
She now appears to love traveling both in our cars and motor home.
I have been asked by many as to what breed she is,and when I tell them that she is a catahoula they are puzzled.

I am also curious if her mom and dad are producing more offspring.
I still would like to pop by one day and show her off to you guys, that is if it is convenient.
We just came back from a family reunion in Alberta,but we had to drop her off at a kennel in Strathmore.
Apparently they have had problems in the past with pets so we had to leave her for three days.
We picked her up after the event and traveled from there through parts of the US.

Take care 
Peter and Cindy 


at 6 months

I need a bigger bed.JPG (92114 bytes)
at 2 yrs
I would like to be out there.JPG (85058 bytes)

at 2 1/2 yrs
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Its been a hard day at the office001.JPG (162220 bytes)

Carma's Stella 

 Hi  Teresa 
Just wanted to let you know that we are having a great time! We are working on getting her to sleep in a kennel at night but like I said, it is work in progress.. haha
Anyhow, here are some pictures of Stella on her first 2 days at home. 

Hope you have a great day!
Tat & Tress 
  Stella 002.JPG (204153 bytes) Stella 005.JPG (133436 bytes) Stella 006.JPG (254374 bytes)
  Stella 007.JPG (77884 bytes) Stella 009.JPG (52073 bytes)  

Carma's Muncho

 Hey there, Just wanted to let you know that Muncho has settled in great. He is growing like crazy. He gets along great with the other dogs. He has a great personality and were really really happy with him. I can already tell he is going to be a little nightmare in not to long! I'll send you some up to date pictures when I get some. thanks again, Mike

 I saw you just had a new litter. Congrats. Muncho is doing great. He is so friendly with everyone and is so smart and a pleasure to be around. You have some great dogs! thanks again,Mike 
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Carma's Lucy

Hi Teresa - I thought I would send along a few photos of our "baby". She is growing really fast and I think will eat us out of house and home.
She went to her first "Puppy Training" session yesterday and was a very good girl. She certainly enjoyed mixing with the other pups (eight of them).
To say we are enjoying having her with us would be the understatement of the year.
Best regards, Les & Nora.