Purchase Policy

A Catahoula is not the Dog for everyone, they are a very high energy working breed, and require regular exercise and mental stimulation.  If you are uncertain whether this is the breed for you, or if you have no prior experience with dog training, please do as much research as possible on the breed before contacting us.

  To purchase a puppy, prospective owners pay a $100.00  non-refundable deposit and are added to a waiting list which is comprised of all depositors and is numbered by the date their deposit is received. Depositors choose their puppies in this order. Your deposit is included in the final price of the pup.

You are asked to choose two or more pups in the order of desirability in case one of them is chosen ahead of you. If a pup is passed on by an earlier buyer, it will then be moved to the next in line until all pups have been chosen.

If you cannot get the puppy you want, or if you don't see a puppy that you like in the current litter, you may roll your deposit to the next litter. 

If you wish to be placed on our waiting list, please email Teresa at: info@catahoularanch.com
Please provide the following:
Your Name
Address (both physical and E-Mail)
Phone Number
Sex and colors desired

Note: There is NO guarantee about the coat color of the puppies until they are born. Further more, eye color is not permanent until 3-4 weeks of age. Of course blue-eyed pups usually are sold or chosen first, therefore, if a blue-eyed puppy is your preference, it is mandatory to have your non-refundable puppy deposit in place as soon as possible. Please do not overlook a potential pup simply because of it's eye or coat color. Some of the best Catahoula Leopard dogs are black and tan and hazel-eyed. Cute colors do not dictate temperment or behaviour, and the only behaviour that can be guaranteed is good behaviour, and bad behaviour. The final training is up to you.

Picking Up the Pup:

Puppies may be picked up from our residence when they are 8 weeks old. You can expect that your puppy will have had three to four dewormings and at least one five-way vaccination at the time of pick up. A written record of these dewormings and vaccinations, and health certification will be given to you at time of pick up.

Please contact me if you would like your Pup Shipped


Cancellations for any reason will result in loss of your deposit. The deposit can be rolled over to the next litter as described above.


Our puppies are N.A.L.C.  (National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas) registered. Phone: 225-665-6082 Address: P.O. Box 1041, Denham Springs, LA 70727-1041. We will usually have the application papers ready for you at the time of pick up. If the papers are not yet within our possession from the registry, they will be mailed to you immediately after we receive them.


Payment is due in full on or before the date of pick up. In addition, when shipping a pup, shipping costs and puppy payment is due in full before the puppy will be shipped to the buyer.