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extended pedigree below


Blue Rodeo (male)

Blue Rodeo is an absolutluly wonderful blue leopard Catahoula, he has a great disposition and is very friendly to all our visitors and children, dogs, cats... hamsters...  He is very protective when not properly introduced.
 he has one blue eye and one brown eye. 
Blue has a nice blocky head and a very muscular build. When we got Blue we specifically wanted a descendent of one of the best Catahoulas there ever was,   N.A.L.C. Grand Champion of Show Champions,
" Muddy River's Dually"   of Texas.

Blue is Retired from Breeding.      

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    Sire: Sabine River's Jethro Bodine
Blue Leopard/tan trim 1-05-1996
Sire: Phogg
  Sire: Muddy River's Magnum
Blue Leopard 1997
  Dam: ShCh Muddy River's Tater
                             Dam: Muddy River's Naomi
Blue Leopard 07-14-1994
Sire: GrChofCH Muddy River's Dually
Gray Leopard/tan trim 04-22-1990
Sire: Skiles' Skip Along Skeeter     Dm: Aden's Princess Jillian
    Sire: GRCHofCHs Muddy River's Dually
Gray leopard/tan trim 04-22-1990
Sire: Swiftwater's Beowulf
Gray/Blue Leopard 07-24-1986
  Dam: Muddy River's Pistol
  Dam: Blair's T/O Tidbit Holly
Gray Leopard with Blk Patches 01-13-1988
    Dam: Nordan's Latigo Lady Sire: Rodeo Ranch's Nordan Mike
      Sire: Lee's Rodeo Beau Red
    Sire: Rodeo Ranch's Ranger Dam: Rodeo Ranch's Diamond
  Sire: Rodeo Ranch's Budeaux    
    Dam: Rodeo Ranch's Bayou Belle  
Dam: Bleu Moon's Camano Rose
    Sire: Rodeo Ranch's Shotgun  
  Dam: Rodeo Ranch's Kattie Siouxette    
    Dam: Rodeo Ranch's Peanut