The Catahoula Ranch is located high in the back hills of Mission, British Columbia, Canada.


  Our N.A.L.C. registered breeder name is Carma Catahoulas, we have been breeding purebred N.A.L.C. registered Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dogs since 1993. Formerly located in Surrey, B.C., in July of 2007, we made the big move to Mission to chase our dreams. We are now located on a 10 acre property high in the north hills of Mission, in the community of Steelhead.

We have had so many great experiences with our Catahoulas throughout the years, and so many positive comments, we've enjoyed the great pleasures of meeting proud new owners and seeing them smiling with joy when they pick up their Catahoula pups, and with all the memorable times we have spent with our Catahoulas in the great outdoors. 
It was decided that this big sky mountain gem of ours, found in the rainforest, 
must be called The Catahoula Ranch.

 the old Choctaw Native word "Catahoula" has been roughly translated to mean any thing from :  blue eyes,  hello lake,  blue water, or clear water.
We do have plenty of clear blue water around here, and some awesome blue eyed Catahoula Leopard Dogs too.
 Our Catahoulas are chosen for their working ability, agility, gentle disposition and conformation,
We take very good care to ensure that our dogs and pups are in top notch health,
and that they are cared for in a loving manner, with lots of attention, after all, they are members of our family. 

All of our pups are raised with human intervention right from birth, and they are very used to children and strangers touching and handling them.

All vacinations and deworming are done.
All Pups Health are Veterinary checked and Certified by Dr. Rick Westendorf
at Eagle Hill Animal Hospital.

Unit 4 - 32650 Logan Avenue
Mission, B.C.

Phone: 604-804-0000

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If you would like to obtain one of our Catahoula pups, please see our purchase policy or contact:

Don or Teresa Wertman at 604-826-2933, email